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Pondok Pisang is located in the beautiful Mendira Village of Karangasem in East Bali. A perfect Bali holiday retreat nestled among the coconut trees with a private beach. Excellent for swimming and snorkeling.

We have 7 comfortable bungalows that include hot water showers. The bungalows are surrounded by a large tropical garden and all rooms have an ocean view. There is also a large and spacious hall right by the ocean for all types of group activities (yoga, meditation, etc.), and Pondok Pisang has its own restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The ingredient for the food comes directly from the surrounding area, including fresh fruit, vegetables and fish. One of our specialties is the “Ikan Pepes,” fish that is spiced then wrapped in banana leaves and grilled. For dessert, our Black Rice Pudding with Coconut Milk and Banana is the house favorite, and for a snack our tasty fried bananas are a perfect match with your tea or coffee.

Pondok Pisang takes care of both your body and your spirit during your holiday stay.

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