Our commitment to your wellbeing is reflected in our choice of dining options at Pondok Pisang. Our newly launched vegetarian selection is the perfect choice for our health conscious guests with sumptuous fresh juices, delicious home made salads and Asian inspired Western dishes all featuring on the menu.

East Bali is the spiritual home of Balinese cuisine and we have created a second incredibly unique menu that reflects our heritage at Pondok Pisang and the culinary tradition of the Karangasem region.

Try our authentic signature dishes such as locally prepared ikan pepes (minced spicy fish) steamed and grilled in banana leaves and the delectable sticky black rice pudding with coconut milk and banana.

Both menus are available throughout the day at our restaurant. At Pondok Pisang we nurture a commitment to a healthy lifestyle by sourcing only the freshest organic produce and ingredients from the surrounding area.



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